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When people hear the term “eating healthy”, they might consider that everyone is against them. There has been a real propaganda on TV and in the media, in general, img94joktmu74047for eating healthy, but those so-called specialists in nutrition usually present foods that are not tasty or good looking. The truth is that eating healthy should be chosen by more than just one reason. Staying healthy is indeed a strong reason, but there are also others. Let’s see why you have to eat healthy and what you can eat to feel good.   The Health As we said, the health is the first reason why you should choose to eat healthy. Just consider that if you stop eating junk food, you might lose some weight, or you would stop gaining weight, depending on your organism. Something else that matters is that the food influences how you feel and how you look, and everyone knows the saying “healthy mind in a healthy body”. This only means that in order to have a healthy state of mind, you also need to have a healthy state for your organism.   Less Processed Food   Eating healthy also means that you have to quit eating processed food. Let’s take as an example the bacon that you find in the stores – that is boiled in water and lots of salt, along with a substance that gives the impression that the bacon was smoked. The truth is that many of the things that you find in stores are made in a similar way and it’s better to avoid them at all costs. If you want to eat natural bacon, go find a small producer that manufactures bacon in Role-of-protein-for-health-fitnesshis or her farm – that product will surely be 100% natural, without using additives or substances that imitate the smell and taste of smoke or condiments.   No Additives Eating healthy also means that you will quit eating all those additives that manufacturers introduce in their foods. As in the above example, almost everything is made with the help of additives. Don’t imagine that the frozen food that  you get from the supermarket is simply cooked and placed into a freezer – that food has more than 10 additives to keep it “fresh” and “edible” for a longer period of time, and it’s the same for cakes, frozen lasagna, salamis and other foods.   No Frozen Food The frozen food is among the worst types of food that you can get from the supermarkets, because you don’t exactly know how long ago it was produced or if it’s still good to eat once you cook it.   The Adequate Meals To make sure you eat something good, you can choose to cook for yourself. Restaurant food is also not recommended, but there are plenty of good recipes that you can do. Choose to eat breakfast every morning and drink at least one glass of milk – it will give you energy until the next meal. The lunch is important and it should be consistent, and you need to have at least two types of food, while the evening should consist in a light meal at your choice.   Cooking Health and FitnessCooking can be easy, as for example you can make grilled chicken and a tomato salad. You can combine the white meat with any kind of salad that you like, and it’s also valid for fish – you can cook this fried in a pan and have some vegetables boiled in water, until there’s just a little water left, with some butter and some spices. These are healthier recipes, better than eating a hamburger or a pork steak with French fries. In the end, you’ll see that it’s important to eat right for the right reasons, and you are the only one who can decide when your eating habits need to change.

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